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What is the DNX Digital Nomad Conference?

The DNX Global Conference is organized by the DNX Community and will feature 10 speakers delivering fascinating talks on topics around online self-employment and location independent careers. This is the first European conference providing real-world knowledge, tips, and experiences on this topic in the form of lectures and personal conversations. We walk the talk: Our speakers will be speaking from their own, real-life experiences. No theories or conjectures - only personal case-studies. Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds and run their own blogs and websites, create their own products and services, or work as freelancers in various fields. If you want to learn more about "location independent working", connect with others and bring your business to the next level, then you're in the right place!

Join the unique DNX vibe

The feedback from over 5,000 attendees from the DNX Conferences and DNX CAMPS all over the world is awesome. You make strong relationships with like-minded partners in crime. There are no words to describe the one and only DNX spirit. All DNX events were sold-out and received full coverage from mainstream media.

Actionable Know-How

How do I live my passion? How can I run a location independent business that fits my lifestyle? How can I balance work and travel? How can I bring my business to the next level? Let the first-hand experiences of our speakers help you on your journey. Come learn about the rewards and challenges of "Digital Nomadship" and share your learnings with others.

10 incredible keynote speakers

Our speakers and workshop experts come from diverse backgrounds and make their money online. They are living extraordinary lives and work from the most beautiful places in the world. Join our unique DNX tribe and make valuable contacts and connect with like-minded people!

What is the DNX community?

DNX is a global movement that connects and supports Digital Nomads with events and online services all over the world. DNX enables you to work from anywhere and regain the power to decide on your jobs, your time, and your life. DNX is gathering location independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees with global events in different languages. The DNX Conferences & DNX Coliving and Coworking Camps are English-, Spanish– and German-speaking events and take place in Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Greece, Egypt, Argentina, United States, Morocco, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. Shaping the future of work, meeting other cultures and making the world a better place is our biggest passion.

More information about the DNX community

★ DNX Digital Nomad Conference: http://www.dnxglobal.com
★ DNX Digital Nomad Conference tickets: http://www.dnxglobal.com/#nav-pricing
★ DNX Digital Nomad Conference Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1371276102944705/
★ DNX Community: www.dnxcommunity.com 
★ DNX Hub: http://www.dnxhub.com/
★ DNX Hub Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dnx/
★ DNX Camps: http://www.dnxcamp.com/


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