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Portugal is a special place to experience as a digital nomad. It’s why we created this site. We also know the digital nomad life isn’t always easy. It’s also why we created this site. 

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Welcome to your starter guide for being a digital nomad in Portugal!

Portugal is one of Europe's top digital nomad destinations and we are here to bring you everything a digital nomad in Portugal needs.

NomadX provides you this guide and all the support you may need when coming here.

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If you are looking for more insights on living your digital nomad life in Portugal, you have found it with our community. DigitalNomads.PT is not just a resource, but it’s a community of like-minded digital nomads living in Portugal. They are excited to share their story, put their hard-earned knowledge to use, and make time to grab a beer in the Portuguese sun.

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Cities & Neighborhoods

Which Portuguese city is best for digital Nomads? We can’t tell you the answer to this question, but we can tell you how they are different and why each one is unique. We will also help you get to know the neighborhoods better, so you can find the best place and best experience for your digital nomad stay in Portugal. 

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Have you already made up your mind to come to Portugal, but don’t have a place to stay yet? We know finding accommodation can be one of the biggest challenges faced by digital nomads. can help you find digital nomad-friendly housing in Portugal.  

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