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Welcome to DigitalNomads.PT community :-)


The feeling of belonging to a community is one of the most precious things a digital nomad can have along the way!

You might be surprised when finding a lot of enthusiasts in our group willing to help you around and to share their love story with Portugal. They will tell you one hundred reasons why to book your tickets as soon as possible and stay for a little longer in this unique country. 


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If you want to go fast - go alone, if you want to go far - go together
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It's not that cool being alone, is it? :-)

When being a digital nomad, there are so many places to go, things to see and experiences to have. And every time you go to another spot, you bump into the challenge of meeting new people all over again. You are curious to discover how do locals live, where should you go and what not to miss in town.

For us, having the DigitalNomads.PT community is a solution for all these questions. Imagine you arrive in Portugal or you are just planning your trip, and there are plenty of people who will be happy to share their experience with you. All ups and downs, tips & tricks, dos and don’ts are there waiting for you. People are here to support you, give long-awaited advice, and simply grab a beer after work!

Just join us on this wonderful journey. 

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