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From the people to the local produce and amazing rugged plains, escape the hassle of cities to discover what the most mellow of all Portuguese regions has to offer!

Formerly controlled by the Romans, the Moors, the Visigoths, and the site of many battles with Spain, the whole region is ridden with history and people that have strong links to their history, maintaining farming and crafting traditions that have been around for ages.

Here you can visit cities like Elvas, Évora, and Beja; all of which still have historical sites and museums that date back to the Romans with each city unique in its appeal.  If you dare, rhere's even a chapel lined with human bones!

You can also opt for a more nature-oriented visit to the region. Visit Badoca Safari Park, a natural park where you can catch glimpses of giraffes, zebras, and another 250+ species roaming the 90 hectares of land the park occupies.

Aside from being the second biggest wine producing region in the country, aside from Douro, this region is also the biggest producer of cork in the world. You can't miss the cork forests when traveling in the Alentejo Interior.