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A land of considerable historic importance, Estremadura & Ribatejo is also home to the worlds biggest waves!

With a blend of history and natural sights, Estremadura and Ribatejo were home to many battles that were significant in the story of the country, as well as the biggest waves ever surfed.

In Alcobaça and Batalha, you can visit two of the most iconic monasteries in the country. In Tomar, you can find the "Convento de Cristo", the Knights Templar stronghold in Portugal. There are plenty of other cities like Santarém or Óbidos where Portugal's history can be backtracked and discovered!

If you set course towards the coast you'll find Nazaré, the birthplace of the biggest waves ever surfed and where hundreds of surf-enthusiasts gather to watch the most adventurous surfers in the world take on the challenges the sea throws at them. If you travel South you'll find multiple different little fishing villages with amazing beaches and their own natural wonders, such as the Berlengas reserve next to Peniche.