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Digital nomads looking for a more local experience, green spaces, and a relaxed pace call Areeiro home.

Areeiro is known for providing an excellent quality of life, near the center of Lisbon, but just slightly apart from the well-known, tourist hot spots. Situated near the Instituto Superior Técnico means university students give life to this area that also attracts young couples and families. 


Getting to and from Areeiro is easy since metro stops border the neighborhood. Catch the red line at the Alameda stop or jump on the green line at either Areeiro or Roma-Areeiro stop. If it happens that you can't get to where you need to go by metro; there are plenty of buses. The 206, 722, 735, 756, and more, all run through the heart of Areeiro.

Highlights: To see

  • Fonte Luminosa: Relax in front of Lisbon’s famed, luminous fountain, which is the highlight of the surrounding green area where locals come to relax
  • Crossroads: Be in awe at Lisbon’s tallest piece of street art, this work by the Polish artist Sainer covers the side of an eleven-story building and depicts an older woman smoking with a duck and dog 

Highlights: To experience

  • Jardim Fernando Pessa: Sip a caipirinha in this little oasis of green or utilize the exercise equipment to work up a sweat before your drink
  • Livraria Barata: Soak up the atmosphere at one of Lisbon’s oldest bookstores, where you can find a selection of local and international authors 
  • A Diplomata: Shop like a local is this beloved mercearia, that contains some of the best cured meats, cheese, wines, and chocolates in the city
  • Cabine de Leitura: Donate, take, read, and return – that is the motto of this old phone booth turned mini-library – started in 2014, this is a cherished part of Praça de Londres