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Digital nomads find Graça particularly attractive because of its international vibe.

Sitting on the highest of Lisbon’s seven hills, Graça is one of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhoods. Just outside of the tourist’s radar, Graça mixes long-time residents, immigrants from all over, and young millennials seeking lower rent. Many digital nomads like to call Graça home because it feels authentically Portuguese while offering a diverse cultural experience.  


There is only one way to get to Graça, and that is up. The E28 tram passes through the heart of the neighborhood, though a walk up the various staircases will give you the chance to see plenty of street art along the way. The closest metro is Martim Moniz, and depending on your destination there is another 10 to 20 minutes to walk from there. Several buses also pass through Graça, including the 712 and 735.

Highlights: To see

  • Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte: Revel in the beauty that is this view over all of Lisbon, those stairs do come with a prize 
  • Igreja e Convento da Graça: Appreciate one of the most visited churches in Lisbon and admire the Baroque style with its tile panels and gilded woodwork
  • The street art: Shepard Fairey’s piece of a woman holding a gun, Fairey’s collaboration with Vhils, the colorful work by akaCorleone and more, all call Graça home  

Highlights: To experience

  • Cafes: Sip your coffee in the Portuguese sun like a local in this traditional neighborhood 
  • Jardim da Cerca: Picnic among the locals while taking in the view of the Castelo de São Jorge, the river, and downtown Lisbon
  • Feira da Ladra: Hunt for antiques, vinyl records, leather purses and so much more in this maze of a flea market held every Tuesday and Saturday