Back to top is the go-to place for everything digital nomads in Portugal. Our goal is to bring Portugal to the top destination for digital nomads in Europe, and share with the world how unique this place is.

Whether you’re in the selection process, preparation phase or already here - we’ve got you covered! Find everything you need to know about where to to stay (and how to do so wisely!) and how to fully enjoy and experience the nomadic lifestyle at its best right here in Portugal. Connect with our community of fellow nomads or interesting locals and experts.

This project stands as a platform for a supportive, open and collaborative digital community. While this website serves as the information source for everyone curious on how to be a digital nomad in Portugal, you’re more than welcome to join our on- and offline communities of like-minded, brilliant people. 

This website was crafted with love by the NomadX and Porto i/o teams.

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